Ayni Peru Expedition is an environmentally and socially responsible travel operator based in Cusco, Peru. Our goal is to provide fun and unique travel packages that create treasured memories, improve the local communities we visit, and support the preservation of nature. Our innovative itineraries are carefully designed to blend the very best of South America, from classic, world famous highlights, to gorgeous, remote treks and homestays under incredibly starry skies and genuine and meaningful interaction with locals.


Quality & Safety

The quality of our programs and safety of our clients is of the utmost importance to Ayni Peru. We send only licensed and highly experienced guides, drivers and support staff on our treks and tours, and ensure guides are trained in emergency first aid, search and rescue, and carry all necessary equipment and medical supplies. We are constantly evaluating all itineraries to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience, filled with the activities, destinations, meals and accommodation that best suits their priorities.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Each of our treks and tours are planned and operate in a matter that minimizes its negative environmental and sociocultural impact, and takes steps to create positive change in the areas we visit. Whether it is experienced local guides, fresh produce from local farms, or a night in rural homestay, Ayni Peru incorporates the best of each area in our treks and tours. We believe this provides the richest, most authentic experience for our clients, contributes to local economies and strengthens local traditions.

Expert Guidance

As local experts, travel with Ayni Peru comes with access to travel planners and guides with profound knowledge of the areas that our clients travel. We focus on immersing our clients in the most interesting, fun, beautiful and unique spots in Latin America in the most logical, comfortable and memorable ways possible.

True Adventure

A key element of the thrill of travel is the adventure of new experiences, landscapes, food and people. Ayni Peru is passionate about finding the perfect balance of fun, discovery, safety and authenticity for each client .


We strive to provide our clients with frank and helpful customer service, and treat Ayni travelers as we would visiting friends. We provide honest and accurate advice on even the smallest details, respond quickly and thoroughly to requests or questions, and provide transparent pricing. We`ll have you fully prepared for travel prior to departure, will be available 24 hours a day once your travel is underway!

Ayni Peru Expedition is a Cusco-based, Peruvian company, with offices located at Zagun del Cielo, A-16. We are registered with DIRCETUR, the Peruvian governmental agency overseeing tourism (#733-2014-GRCUSCO/DIRCETUR.DT) and the municipality of Cusco (license# 04011-2014).


Urbano Huayna
Lead Guide

With over 15 years of experience guiding groups small and large, Urbano is Ayni`s lead guide extraordinaire! Urbano spends his time scheduling & training guides, plus leading groups throughout Peru.

Domingo Atao

Domingo Atao is an expert guide with over 17 years of experience working throughout Latin America. Along with being Ayni`s current cover model, he is a co-founder at Ayni and frequent guide for the agency.

Vilma Gutierrez
Operations Manager

Vilma Gutierrez is a Ayni Peru`s operations manager, and a licensed tour guide. Her speciality is ensuring that all the details of your travel run smoothly from arrival to departure.

Amanda Zenick
Travel Consultant & Co-Founder

Amanda is a travel consultant and co-founder at Ayni. Amanda handles most customer service on the ground in Peru, so you`ll most likely rrun into her at some point in your travels!

Laura Eudell
Travel Consultant

If you have questions about travel in Peru and the rest of Latin America, Laura is your woman! A seasoned traveler, Laura helps clients perfect their itineraries.


Homestays are a great way to see a more authentic side of Peru and create memories that will last a lifetime. Experience daily life in the Andes, learn about local traditions and have fun getting to know your host family!

The majority of the families we work with live in remote areas, so often don’t have the same opportunities to benefit from tourism in the way that Peruvians living along famous tourism circuits do. Incorporating an overnight homestay in your tour or trek is an excellent way for your travel to positively impact the areas you visit and experience a side of each country that few foreigners can.


Ayni has carefully built relationships with families in locations spanning the country and including homes in larger cities, towns, and remote indigenous communities. The majority are strategically located in areas that work well with one or more of our tours and treks, but we also offer some that we have built tours around.

Homestay fees are set by host families, and paid directly to them at the time of your visit. This helps provide important income and spread the benefits of tourism a bit more evenly. We`ll often bring fruit, coca leaves and other small gifts along, and stay for about 24 hours.

Families provide traditional meals, plus a private room. Your Ayni guide will be present during your stay for translation, any nearby visits, day hikes, or other activities. Brief descriptions and approximate locations of our most popular homestay communities are available on our
homestay page.